Local Supplier of the Year 2015

Posted on May 22, 2015

Budgens of Holt, Local Supplier of the Year, 14/5/2015

CT Baker Budgens main points of difference from the national chains are service, variety of offerings and most importantly local produce.  Local is not just a case of offering locally grown or produced items to the general public it is a case of keeping the money that we take through the tills in the local economy.

If we were a truly national branch all our stock would come from a central distribution centre and all our takings would go, less wages, to a Head Office somewhere.  However, now with 39 local suppliers last year we spent £792,000 locally which stayed in the local economy.  Whilst tonight’s awards are for suppliers to Budgens of Holt it would be remiss of me not to mention C T Baker Budgens of Aylsham who also follow the same ethics of working with local producers.  Over the last year we have supported 31 local suppliers with a spend of £252,000.  For those mathematicians amongst us this equates to in excess of £1m going back into our local economy.  In addition to this the majority of our other spending – maintenance, cleaning, new buildings etc are given to local firms.

On top of the Community Retailer of the Year Award last year, we are again finalist in Store of the Year for Holt and in the frame for both Aylsham and Holt for the Community Retailer of the Year award.  Let’s keep our fingers crossed until September when we will find out if we have been successful.

This years winner of Supplier of the year 2015 is Cornerways Nurseries.

3 years ago we stumbled upon the largest greenhouse in the UK, heated by waste heat from the sugar beet factory nearby.  Over the last 3 years Cornerways Nurseries have become a major feature of our local fresh food offering.  Always offering a promotion to equal the nationals, sometimes better, has enabled us to replace average Spanish tomatoes with good Norfolk ones 9 months of the year.

Our two runners up are Read Nurseries, and Drove Orchards

Supporting our ever growing and profitable horticultural department Read Nurseries continue to provide us with an excellent range of plants from their base in Dereham.

A few years ago I visited an orchard which had many varieties of apples, some very old varieties, but the strange thing was most of the apples appeared to be rotting on the ground.  In response to the obvious question I was told that their main line was apple juice.  So we contracted to take the surplus – the price was good, they were happy.  Of course if there isn’t any surplus we don’t get any apples.  So we have also developed a year round sale of Drove Orchards apple, pear and quince juices.  We just hope for bumper crops and apples too.

The raffle on the night raised a total of £180 for Dogs for the Disabled and 59 people booked for the event.

MJM Baker